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Maxima Chameleon Tippet Spools
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Maxima Chameleon Tippet Spools

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Maxima Chameleon Tippet Spools

Maxima's exclusive Chameleon has the unique property of changing hues to match the colour of the surroundings, for invisibility that is cloudy or slightly stained. Designed for freshwater lakes and rivers, this line has the toughest finish of all line brands on the market. It is ideal for casting and flipping around rocks, brush and other snags. The incredible abrasion resistance makes Chameleon the best choice for fishing rock-strewn rivers, especially for salmon and large trout. Saltwater anglers have also disovered Chameleon's toughness and it's propensity to change colour hues is perfect for fishing around kelp beds, rocks and other near shore structure, as well as bouncing the bottom for larger fish and ref dwellers. It is ideal fly leader material, especially for the butt section of tapered leaders.


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