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Led Lenser L7 High Visibility Yellow Torch
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Led Lenser L7 High Visibility Yellow Torch

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$53.95 (including 10 % tax)



  • Polycarbonate splashproof body
  • Advanced Focus System
  • One-handed twist Focus beam
  • Lanyard
  • Batteries included
  • Lightweight
  • Warranty


  • Lumens: 115
  • Batteries: 3x AAA
  • Battery Life: 42 hours
  • Length: 130mm
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Switch: Dynamic push button 
  • Beam distance: 225 metres

Introducing Led Lenser s new L-Series of legendary, lightweight, LED flashlights! Led Lenser s L-Series is designed for performance: each of these tough little torches is made from light, robust polycarbonate, so they ll never weigh you down. Plus, because the L7 Fluorescent Yellow Flashlight is bright, BRIGHT yellow, you'll always be able to find it when you need it.

Based on the world best selling P7, The LED LENSER® L7 has been designed for those wanting a lighterweight body that is water resistant. This flashlight is equipped with Advanced Focus System lenses and the lamp achieves the same light output as 3 to 4 heavy conventional electric torches*. Circular spotlight or sharply focused beam with a range of up to 225 meters (830 feet).

It features an Advanced Focus System that allows the beam of light to be adjusted to a multitude of sizes. By twisting the control knob on one direction, the light will spread out into a wide, full floodlight, very useful for searching wide open spaces. Another twist of the knob and the beam can be focused down into a tight spotlight, ideal for pinpointing an object easily.

The combination of a varying light output with the adjustable beam is unbeatable! 

What s the difference between a Led Lenser torch and a normal torch? Let me enlighten you

When you use a normal torch, only ten percent of your batteries power is used to produce light. The rest is wasted, converted to heat. That s why torches get warm when you use them. That s a lot of wasted energy.

The LED revolution has changed all that. A torch that uses an LED (it stands for Light Emitting Diode) rather than a conventional bulb converts all the energy from your batteries to light, so your torch is brighter, and your batteries last longer. And, talking of things that last longer, an LED, unlike a conventional bulb, can operate for tens of thousands of hours without ever needing to be replaced.

That s what puts Led Lenser torches light years ahead of the competition!


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