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Ridgeline Hydro Gun Slinga Backpack Blaze Camo
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Ridgeline Hydro Gun Slinga Backpack Blaze Camo

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This is the do-anything, go anywhere bag that all hunters dream about. Made from our unique Quiet-Tex outer and PVC internal fabric. 


The perfect pack for shorter hunting trips the Gunslinga’s 35 litre carrying capacity will take all you need for a day out.


It features a dedicated rifle holder on the front of the pack in the way of two Velcro straps and a pouch in which you place the butt of your rifle. On the underside there are two compression straps that can be used to reduce the volume of the bag but are also long enough to stow larger items such as shooting mats, hides or even a tent. As the name alludes to, hydration is well taken care of with provision for a water bladder and two water bottle holsters on either side of the pack.


The back and shoulder straps are heavily padded and ventilated ensuring you remain comfortable and the hip belt has two generous zippered pockets to stash anything you might want access to while on the move.


The pack itself is constructed from Ridgelines Quietex fabric so you’ll remain stealthy while stalking your quarry and it offers some level of weather protection. The Gunslinga hydro pack is available in either Buffalo camo or Blaze orange. Bladder not included.


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