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Shimano Baitrunner D series
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Shimano Baitrunner D series

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Reel Description
As the name suggests, Shimano’s ground-breaking BaitRunner threadline was designed with bait fishing in mind. The body is made of light-weight and non-corrosive graphite, there’s an aluminium spool with a line keeper clip, three A-RB bearings and one roller bearing, stainless steel spool shafts, collapsible handle assemblies, as well as waterproof, heat dissipating front drags with non-centring bails.

But it’s the BaitRunner function that has endeared these reels to anglers right around Australia. Imagine a fish picking up a live or dead bait - completely unaware that there is anything suspicious about it - with the BaitRunner mechanism keeping just enough tension to control the line prior to the strike. Flick the lever or turn the handle, lift the rod and the fight is on! There’s also a tension adjustment knob at the rear of the reel that takes care of active live baits or when fishing in strong currents.

When distance casting is a factor, there’s the Big BaitRunner Long Cast. Most notable is its shallow, tapered spool. A product of the tournament casting scene, this unusual design adds considerable distance to a cast, as line peels from the spool with minimum resistance - making it the ideal choice for rock and beach anglers alike.

  • Graphite Frame

  • Graphite Rotor (3500 & 4500 sizes only)

  • Aluminium Rotor (6500 size only)

  • Diecast Aluminium Spool

  • Flat T Type Rubber Handle Grip

  • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)

  • Baitrunner

  • Waterproof Drag

  • Dyna-Balance

  • Power Roller III

  • Super Stopper II
Model Retrieve Ratio Retrieve Per Crank (cm) Max Drag (kg) BTR Drag (kg) Nylon Capacity (kg/metres) Power Pro Capacity (lb/metres) ARB Bearings Weight (grams)
BTR3500B 4.7:1 84 4 1 4/279, 5/210, 6/169 30/234, 50/184 4 561
BTR4500B 4.8:1 94 7 1 6/270, 8/229, 9/178 40/268, 50/266 4 629
BTR6500B 4.2:1 91 7 1 9/247, 11/210, 14/169 50/387, 65/250 4 870


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